Clips—Baseball America

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I created this ad with one of our ad reps, Mattingly’s ad designers and one of the editorial staffers. With so many hands on a project, it could have been a disaster; but with great communication and hard work we created this campaign to showcase the bats and showcase our selections of up and coming players.

Click here for a PDF of Mattingly Ad


Clips—Asbury Park Press

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This listing of fireworks shows in the Shore for the Fourth of July is an important listing. I wanted to give some punch to it. This page was a fun, clean way to display the listings and make a visually interesting page.

Clips—The Crimson White

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This page came after the University community ran rampant with rumors about the possible coaches who were being pursued by the athletics director. We included a blurb about each coach. The likelihood of his hiring and where we could grab him from. The art shows Coach Mike Shula after being beaten by Mississippi State, a shocker; which likely cost him his job. I received a third place Gold Circle Award for the work.